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  1. AbdulGaniyu

    She has the simplest but most beautiful attires and designs.

    1. Rahinatu

      UB’s touch is just the best..

  2. Naheemat

    I love Hajjewels house of styles, they are so unique and beautiful.

  3. Maryam liman

    Hajjawels is one of d most creative designer have seen, I love everything about her designs. Keep making us proud mummy zayn

  4. Maryam liman

    Hajjewels is one of the best design have seen so far, all her designs are so lovely and special, keep making us proud.

  5. Aisha

    Hajjewels is a great fashion designer

  6. Rabiyat Ahuoyiza Yahaya

    Hajjewels house of style is the best!! Very creative and talented, down to earth. I love this Designer, she’s an amazing and outstanding Lady. I nominate her because she’s 💯% accurate! just give her your fabrics and she turns it into an amazing outfit for… So I vote for Hajjewels!

    1. Eze Chidinma

      UB’s Touch styles are top notch. Her hands dose magic on fabrics.💯

  7. Olaoye Aisha Adenike

    Style by Bii is the best

    1. Fatima Haruna

      She is a fashionista,keep it up dear 👍♥️

  8. Lamlat

    Her hands her blessed ❤️❤️

  9. Muhammad Balqis

    UB’s Touch is such a unique and highly creative fashion designer, with outstanding designs.
    She sure deserves the award.

  10. Tokimi

    Stylish is the best keep it up

  11. Tokimi

    So wonderful

  12. Oyelere olumide

    Nicole stylish has always wowed me… Her works always SOROSOKE for real.

  13. Oluwatoyin

    Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day. Nichole Stylish Is simply the best

  14. Musa Abdulhakeem

    Nichole stylist is the baddest, thumbs up.

  15. Cephandra Susan

    A vibrant intelligent and Creative young lady,
    Love your simplicity,but always classy…..
    Keep it up sis
    One of the best stylist I know in Ilorin……
    Your hands are blessed
    More inspirations….😘😘😘😘

  16. Oseni oluwajuwon

    Ub touch oh my God she’s best I mean the very best at all the fashion designer her hands are blessed and God bless are work

  17. Yetunde

    Nicholestylish is a top notch fashion designer

  18. Evelyn lovelyn

    Nichole stylish is d best for me. One of d best fashion designer of dis era, make her UR plug and I’ll always look PENG

  19. Sikemi

    Nichole stylish to the universe 🥰

  20. Empress

    A well detailed Fashion designer and stylist, who go extra miles to make her clients happy. Kindly give the award to NICHOLE STYLISH

  21. Adedeji

    Pls vote for UB’s TOUCH.
    She’s creative, her way of styling clients work is the best in the world.

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