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  1. Attahiru Abdulbasit

    He is a Politician of note

  2. Attahiru Abdulbasit

    RT. Hon. Yakubu Salihu Danlandi is a Politician of note, he is wonderful and a promising politician.

  3. Hon Mudashiru Kenken

    Hon Yakub Salihu Danladi is a young politician with a passion, always touch the grassroot that is, his constituents

  4. Abubakar

    A true young politician per excellent. Rt Hon eng Danladi yakubu salihu

  5. Àhmed Mohammed

    This Young Man has been wonderful since his emergence . I pray God to protect and guide him throughout the tenure

  6. Yakubu Aliyu

    The era of young politicians is now, hence, the need for altitude of changes in manners of reasoning and creativeness need to be upheld

  7. Mohammed J. Danjuma

    The Rt Hon, Salihu Yakubu Danladi is first time house member but with full experience , intelligent, and transparent in all his governance which teaches and show many people on how to rule in a democratic Government and not to be monac. He shows a true representative of his people and not power drunk despite his position, I say Bravo to him and keep on sky is his limit Sir, I wish him Long life and prosperity. (Aamina).

  8. Mohammed J. Danjuma

    What a credibility, May Allah’s guidance and blessings always be with Him

  9. Abubakar Oniyere

    Otukoko Olayinka Ibrahim deserve to win this elites award

  10. Abdulmumini zakari

    Speaker is the best

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